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I have a small fenced in area, about 500sqft. Currently it's a mix of Tall Fescue and Rye. I plan to convert it to Kentucky Bluegrass with some Creeping Red Fescue & Perennial Rye grass. I chose the Bluegrass mix due to some research on other sites for the best grass for dogs. I have five mini long-haired dachshunds (hot dog dogs with hair). This spring I planted a Fescue/Rye mix. It took well, but didn’t last with the trampling of the dogs. I have irrigation, so watering isn’t a problem.
Do you believe the Kentucky Bluegrass w/Creeping Red Fescue and Perennial Rye is the best mix?
I also have crabgrass and other weeds that I can will take care of this fall with Drive herbicide.
What would the best procedure be to convert? I prefer not to kill the existing due to the fact that the dogs still have to go out each day and I prefer to avoid mud in the house after a rain.
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