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fencing out digging animals

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My husband and I recently moved into a new home and we need some help!

I paid a company to remove an animal that was living under my front stoop. The animal is now gone and there hasn't been any activity by the stoop for over two weeks. The company wants to charge me 500$ to put in a fence system to prevent future burrowers. I think I just want to do a "L-Shape" fence myself.

From my understanding, I dig a 1 ft deep, 1 ft wide trench around my stoop, place steel wire mesh 1 ft out from the porch horizontally and then 1 ft up against the porch vertically. Then I fill it all in with dirt.

I was going to buy 1" x 1" wire mesh fencing. What I don't know is how to attach the fencing to my concrete porch. I don't like the idea of drilling into the concrete or trying to pound nails into it.... I need some kind of poles/rods/posts or something to hold the fencing in place underground or is the weight of the dirt enough? Do I need to actually attach the wire fencing to my concrete porch or can I just bury it with a little bit sticking up and then cover it with dirt/plants? Does anyone have any other resources of sites that can show me what to do? I am not sure what search terms/phrases will give me the best results on youtube and google.

Thanks so much for any help or advice!!!


(the forum won't let me post images/links even though I already made one other post. I wanted to share a youtube video I watched and also a picture of my porch. Maybe I can do that in a reply, but I don't want to "double post")
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If it is a concrete stoop--dig down a foot or so and pour concrete---or dry set the entire bag and then back fill and water the area,
The concrete will set inside the bag---Just offering a simple solution--
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