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Fence Staining with power painter

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Looking for advice on applying stain to pressure treated fence. Fence is quite long so hoping to minimize time needed to apply stain while still doing a good job. Heard differ opinions on using a power painter to apply stain. One camp says pressure is to high and will over atomize the stain, others say its okay.

Using Olympic Maximum Clear, Wagner Power Painter with Optimus, and the add on Stain Tip.

Anyone have any experience or advice?
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And regrets on both

I can spray a typical fence out here in a few hours (app. and clean-up) with real ($800 USD) sprayer
So it might be worth sacrificing the "maybe one use" Wagner Frustration Spitter" if your fence is big enough

But also however....most decent "clears" I know of (like water-based Wolman's Rain Coat) spray just fine from a typical deck type pump sprayer (20-40 U$D)

The Olympic, pretty much crap
You may find those that have had success with it, but they were lucky or didn't know any better
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