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hey guys

just you normal try to do everything myself and save money guy here.
i just put up a 8ft privacy fence and need to put a double gate to span across 11ft driveway....i didnt think ahead when i poured the driveway and set a post against the house in the concrete. i plan on putting casters on the gates to reduce stress on the hinges and post so there is no sagging....i have a 4 x 4 post on the outside of the driveway to mount to.

1st the 4 x 4 i have mounted now going to b ok with the weight of the outside gate since i wil be using casters....if not i can lag bolt another one to that one.

2nd question...what is the best way to mount the inside post next to the house on the concrete. and should i go ahead and plan on a 6 x 6

3rd question what is the sturdiest gate frame i can build

the gate will be a rounded top as i stepped down to 6ft when i got to the back of the house..the middle of the gate will be 8ft. i used standard 1 x 6 for the entire fence...not the regular dog ear fencing which added some weight as will as a 2 x 4 top ledger....i know i cant use the ledger on the rounded top but i want it to be as sturdy as possible...

sorry for the long to get this done...the wife is on my a$$

thanks in advance
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