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Fence Post Question

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Has anyone ever heard or seen a 4x4 post both anchored onto the side of a brick house (into the house's sheathing) and base cemented into the ground? Is this overkill?

What I have seen is 2x4 PT boards anchored into the side of a house, but not a 4x4.

My situation is such that the board secured to the house will not actually hold the gate door (~6ft. high) itself, but will secure one end of a very short (2ft. max width) fixed fence panel. The other side of the fence panel will be connected to an existing 4x4 post which holds up the gate door.

For a picture of what I'm talking about, look at the left side of this entry way and notice how only a 2x4 is anchored into the wall for the nonmoving section (and even the moving section for this fence door):

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No problem locking a 4x4 to a house, but if the post is also locked into the ground w/ concrete you better make sure the post is not lifting at all from frost heaving... as far as I can see. If you are only holding up a short chunk of fence, then yes, I'd say the concrete is overkill and potentially a problem, assuming the house is solid where connected.
How deep does the post need to be dug into the ground to prevent heaving? I live in the mid-atlantic region. It can get into the teens during the winter nights.

The guy mentioned about 3 bags of concrete, so maybe 2 foot hole?

If I am not putting the 4x4 post into the ground, I might as well only anchor a 2x4 against the wall instead of a heavier 4x4.

Personally, I would prefer NOT to anchor the 4x4 against the house, and just have the fence guy dig a 2ft. hole and just cement the 4x4 into the ground...then wait a day until he pulls the gate post tight against this new 4x4 post.
If I am understanding correctly: you propose to have a 4x4 attached to the house - then ~2' of fence - a 4x4 gate post - and then the gate, hinge side to the 4x4 post. Given the 4x4 gate post is set in concrete and carrying the weight of the gate, I would not set the 4x4 attached to the house in concrete - not needed. I would ensure the 4x4 attachment to the house is very secure - preferably to studs, if possible, rather than just the sheathing.

I have a fairly heavy wooden gate, in a similar but different setting - it's hinge side is attached to the corner of the house, directly to the corner studs. One of the most solid 'gate posts' I have ever had. :)
I am not building a new fence. I'm hoping to have a repair job done on my existing gate.

The 2x4 stud that's against my house was tapcon'd into place, and it's pulling out now. From there, is a ~2ft. privacy section of fence, and then the 4x4 post that holds up the gate. This post is bending a bit due to the weight of the gate.

The fence guy proposed to install a 4x4 post in place of this 2x4 stud, and anchor in place with a concrete base. I did not understand the benefit of anchoring with 3 anchor bolts if it has a concrete base, but I think the fence guy wants to get the job done in a few hours.....not have to come back the next day after the concrete cures...thus, he's proposing to anchor the 4x4 in place also.

I think since this is a preexisting fence set up, I don't have a choice of installing the wood against the house directly onto the studs.
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