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female fixing maytag hopefully

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I have a Maytag Model stopped spins and pumps out just fine...I have it all apart....When I try to agitate it manually...should I be able to move the agitator? Well, I can't. and when I try to move the pulley underneath the won't move much either...does this mean my transmission is locked up? and should I see oil dripping off the big pulley in the center of the tub underneath. I do detect a burning smell when I spin water out of the you think there is any hope for it or does it sound like a major? please help me!! also...exactly how tight should those belts be underneath the machine...maybe I need new belts? they seem to be working ok. I haven't been able to see if the agitatorbelt is actually turning or not because :vs_mad: I can't tip the machine with water in it.
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