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Feeling air in sunroom

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Recently moved Into my new dream home. Unfortunately the original builders have went bankrupt and I am now dealing with poor workmanship. In the sunroom there are six windows which are sealed fairly tight. Upon using a lighter to check for air there was normal movement in the flame. When I did the same thing against the ceiling where the shallow pan is installed for a future ceiling fan i felt air immediately when I put my hand against it. How do I remediate the problem before removing all of the sheet rock. Thanks in advance


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I agree with both. I'm sitting here fuming in the sunroom fuming that professional builders who hire subcontractors don't inspect the work before allowing the walls to be sheet rocked. Since posting I have checked the six pot lights and their is air coming from them as well. Come summer I will drop the Sheetrock and inspect and insulate properly. If their is something I can't handle I will hire a reputable professional.
What insulation should be used?
Does anyone know a spray foam product a home owner can use if any?
Thanks again


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Hello Joe

I just dd my inspection and they do not have that ic sticker. The light bulbs were very cold.
Ohh, ok. I will inspect further tomorrow. Than you joe. Havea good night.
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