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Feeding multiple seperate lighting switches, avoiding box fill issues

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So I'm redoing our entire house's electrical from the 60's, and I'm running 12-2 in the house, for lighting too (I know it's overkill, but it's already purchased and ran). My problem is that the boxes are a 20.5 cu in, and I have to start a feed for this circuit on a 3-way switch, and then feed another switched lighting load. Basically I have a 12-2 for feeding from the breaker, a 12-3 for travelers wires, and then a 12-2 for the can lights. Add a switch and that puts me at a full box, I don't have any more room in the box to splice an unswitched feed to the next switched light.

My question is, I know any junction boxes have to be accessible at all times, but short of starting from a non 3-way switch, is there any tricks for feeding multiple switched lights from a single circuit? I seem to be running out of room in the boxes an awful lot, and this may just be my poor planning as I have done plenty of electrical work before, but never layed out an entire house plan.
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Thanks that's a good idea. I was using plastic old work boxes because it's Romex, but I guess I could use a metal box. Can I find mud rings that are 1 size less than any box? I found 3 and 4 gang metal boxes, but having trouble finding a 3 gang mud ring for a 4 gang metal box. i.e. this is a 3 switch receptacle, and I need a bit more space for passing my feed through.

I guess I just hesitated using metal with Romex, just because I've always used metal with BX, and plastic with Romex, but it seems there's a lot more options with metal. But I know I'm putting metal boxes in for my ceiling fan.
as long as you use the right clamp; romex is fine in metal boxes. you can use a 4" box with a single gang flat mud ring, i had to do the exact same thing to prevent overfill issues.
Thanks. I think that's the way to go, especially for larger boxes, after reading some other threads, anything > 1 gang doesn't seem to be very stable. Since I have to cut a ton of drywall/plaster out for the new 2-3 gang switches, might as well put metal and frame it out properly.

It looks like home depot doesn't stock the 4 to 3 metal box gang plates, but Raco makes them, so I'll probably just have to go to a supply house for that.
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