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I'd like to describe my plan and ask a couple questions. I need to run a feeder from a meter/disconnect to a house. The meter/disconnect is on the utility pole. Because I also want to run a feeder to a barn, I plan to wire from the disconnect, which is 200 amp, to a 200 amp main lug also on the utility pole. I'll put 100 amp circuit breaker in the main lug for the feeder to the house. From the main lug on the utility pole, I plan to run underground to a load center on the house with a main breaker (I'm told I can't use a main lug at the house).

Here are the questions.
1. Do I bond neutral and ground at the main lug on the utility pole or at the disconnect?
2. What type of wire or cable should I use for the underground feeder? Can I use aluminum?
2. Do I have any problems in my plan?

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