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Building a shade structure this week, 16'x24'
We have a local lumber store
Monday we break out 6, 24"x24" holes in the original slab, dig 18" footings and pour concrete. Done by lunch and then go to Groff's and order the lumber package.

When would you like it delivered they ask?

This afternoon will be fine I reply

Cough, we need to make more corbels, the 1"x8" are custom order and need to make them, also do not have enough 2"x8" need to make them also .... will tomorrow morning work?

Throw the post in the trailer and take them with me, need them first thing.
10:30 the next morning the truck was dropping the package off on the job site.
What excellent service! But have used them many times in the past and always good.
Take a guess at what this lumber package cost for a 16'x24' structure?
$1200 .... no I did not miss a zero,
The vigas used for post are 8"x8' they use a draw knife by hand to remove the bark.
They sell for $35 each .... how can they do this I ask?

They have serious computerized cnc band saw, it must have a 12' swing on it.
Other computerized tools for carving corbels and post.

The lumber is still green and need to get it in place right away, let it dry installed.
It will twist a little here and there, we have joints pretty tight right now.
Give it 1 year and will look like some drunk sailors built it with the gaps and twist that will appear, just adds more charm.


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Looks great, I wish we could build with unstamped lumber here. That is nice to have that kind of service.

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Boy, I like that structure-----handsome design------
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