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faux wood paint garage doors

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does anyone know how best to faux paint garage doors?
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Graining ext doors

A couple of things I would like add here is when doing a graining on an exterior surface be sure that the product you are using is "colorfast" meaning that the proper pigments are in place for an exterior surface to prevent from fading
Most gel stains are for interior use and are not color fast because they sometimes contain dyes rather than pigments.
I live in Soutwest Florida and it is not recommended to use oil base products on exterior metal doors and will void the door warrenty so check the door manufacturers label on the backside of your overhead door before you procede.
The key to a successful job is to keep the door cool while applying your finish.
I have grained many a door in my 30 plus years of experience and what I do is stand a couple of extension ladders in front of the overhead door and clamp drop clothes to the front of the ladders with the strong spring clamps to create the shade that is needed, but be sure it isnt windy when you do this other wise you are creating a huge kite lol
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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