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faux wood garage door question

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Plan on doing the faux wood on my garage door. Here are some questions:

* should I use a wiping stain, or just brown paint mixed with a clear glazing?
* how do you make a clear glaze to mix the paint into?
* Can you use a water soluble polyurethane as a medium, to mix the brown paint into?

When I use a wiping stain for the first coat, just brushed on - then put on a second coat to drag my wood grain tool through, it seems to dissolve the first coat and the "grains" go all the way to the base coat.

Thinking that if I use a paint, the it wouldn't do that. . . dunno?

I am I supposed to do the "grain" first, and then a second "brushed" coat??
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It's been a while, but I always base coated with a paint about the color of unfinished wood and used a gel stain and then the graining tool.
If I remember I used a tan paint for the base.
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