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Faucet Pull-Out Hose

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The pull-out faucet house in my kitchen sink is leaking. Went to HD to get a replacement kit and got one that "fits all faucet brands." However when I removed the old line - the connection don't look anything like any of the various adapters in the kit. Tried to identify the make of the faucet but nothing I can find. It might have come with the American Standard sink -- but not real way to tell. Anyone recognize or know where I might find a hose with the connections pictured?

The connection on the base has a little plastic switch the appears to release the external gray bracket around the connection while the other end of the hose just threads into the head.

As always -- thanks in advance.


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It looks similar to the Moen I recently installed (the former unit was leaking) but it is possible that many models of pull-outs use similar looking connections. You don't mention where it is leaking. If it is at the supply end of the flex hose, check the condition of the o-ring and/or seat washer. Maybe take it into a good hardware store - if it is a name brand, there might be a repair kit. If is the o-ring, you should be able to source a similar-sized replacement.
On the spout is the brand name engraved? If it is a moen the parts are fully warranted from moen.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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