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Fasten hand-rail to the house!

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I plan to install deck hand-rails and need to attach one end to the house!
The house is older and the walls were sheeted with 1X8 ship-lap!
Cedar clap-board was nailed to this! Then, at a later date the house was re-sided with aluminum clap siding! No furring strips!
At the point where the rail meets the house, there is not a wall stud. Its in the area of the stud cavity!
I'm considering cutting through the aluminum and the cedar with a hole saw, slipping in a metal sleeve, cut to a length that would have it project out from the surface of the aluminum.
Then I would mount a PT 2X6 with lag screws, through the sleeves, and into the shiplap sheeting!
Is there a better way to do this, or will this method be acceptable!
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just screw the thing to the house with some deck mates screws(toenail like)
run some silicone on the thread of the screws to seal out water
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