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fantech outside mounted range hood fan

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Hello. I want to keep the range hood. Take out the motor that can't be replaced and use fantech exhaust.
This fan mounts on outside wall. Fantech company describes it as kitchen range hood exhaust, but the motor is rated for 140 degrees F.
I have a doubt because I did replace the hood's original motor. I was very limited in choice because of specific mount size and location, double shaft and certain rpm. I did have to modify the mounting body a little. The new motor was not specified as range hood motor, and it's temperature was also rated 140 degrees.
The range is about 36" above the hood and the duct length is less than 24 inches from the hood to the exhaust opening.

Is anybody using the fantech exterior exhaust for the kitchen range? How long used and having any temperature cut out problems?

Thank you in advance.
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