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Fan Speed Control

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I'm replacing a Hunter ceiling fan that is pushing 20 years old. No issues with it - just looking to update the style. I'm actually going to reinstall it in a spare bedroom.

The replacement is a Allen & Roth (Lowes) 52" with remote. I'm really not interested in the remote, so I connected it to the existing fan/light wall control. I have a similar fan with a remote, and slow is not quite as slow as I would like for just moving air. I don't see much benefit with the remote since I am already wired for dual control, and I'm sure the remote will always be on the opposite side of the room when I am laying on the couch, assuming the dog does not chew it up by the end of the week.

The light is dimming fine, but I seem to have no speed control on the fan - high speed only. I'm guessing a shorted triac in the fan control.

The manual makes no mention of using a speed controller, other than in "troubleshooting" where it is not recommended to use a solid state control because it may cause noise/hum. The old fan would hum at low speeds, so I usually left the control at max and used the pull chain to vary speed. It is possible the wall control has been shorted for years and I never noticed. Picture attached in case anyone recognizes the old control, if it matters.

Is it possible that a modern fan would blow an old control? Any recommendations on a replacement wall control that can share a dual gang box with a regular light switch?

Also, any issue with using the remote with the old Hunter fan? (Assuming I can fit the receiver in the canopy).


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I use LuTron Skylark controls for paddle fans:

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So it looks like I need a stepped speed control instead of the infinitely variable one. Is it OK to use a four speed controller (like this one) if the remote only has three? I usually run this fan 24/7 to keep heat/AC circulating and like a low speed. With my other fan low is still too fast for the winter as it causes a noticeable draft (blowing towards the ceiling), but that is also a much smaller room with the same size 52" fan.
3-speed, 4-speed .... Either one should work fine.
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