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Fan motor in outside unit

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hey guys, i just replaced the fan motor in my outside unit, it had seized up, and I am wondering how long you think it will take before the a/c starts to blow cold air again?
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Actually, Im not sure which direction it should be spinning, its blowing air upwards, out of the unit, and its around 87 in the house(HOT!). I installed it a few hours ago. im hoping the compressor didn't burn out since the fan wasn't running for a period of time.
How can you tell if the compressor is running?
hey beenthere, will it take time for the larger copper line to start to feel cool, or should it have always felt cool even when fan in the unit wasn't working, I'm thinking since I hadn't notice the fan not working immediatly that maybe the condensor went because it was running without the fan running? make sense?
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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