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Hey guys,

I guess this is my first post here, so "hello." I have an A/C problem - maybe you can help me.

This past week/weekend, we had a power outage. All of the power in the home was out, except that the fan on the A/C unit was blowing (which I thought was odd). Our neighbors' power was on, so we decided it must be the breakers. This was the first time since purchasing the house that we had to check the breakers; I checked them and most of them were flipped. I flipped them back - nothing. I then found out that the main breaker was outside where the power comes into the house (I didn't know that panel existed until then). I opened that panel and the breaker to the sub-panel inside of the house and the breaker to the A/C unit were flipped. The power came back on.

Once the power came back on, the HVAC fan was still running, even with the fan switch on the indoor control panel switched to "Auto." I've tried turning the A/C system off - it still runs. I also tried turning the fan to "On" and leaving it there for a good half-hour or so, then switching it back to "Auto" - it still won't shut off. It's been running for 3 days now without stopping.

I'm pretty sure this started during the power outage, but I'm not completely sure. We only noticed it because it was running while the rest of the power was out. The model of our A/C unit is a Goodman CPLE30-1.

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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