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Fan and Recessed Lighting Project

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I've done quite a bit of A/V work as a profession and throughout my house. With the A/V work, comes a little electrical work, but I am no professional. My next home project is to add recessed lighting to my theater room. As of now I have 2 toggle switches that run my fan/light combo. My idea is purchase a new fan only for 1 switch and then extend 4 recessed lights on the other switch. Would love some tips/advice on my electrical diagram drawn below. Thanks!


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Drawing looks fine except that the cable feeding lights will contain black & white wires instead of red & white ones.
Correct, used red instead of black for visual. Thanks for the reply!
Leave some slack in the wire when you pull it between the fixtures so that you can tweak the exact final position of the cans.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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