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I know that salt is very cheap but I know that sea salt is commonly used among the more "experienced" cooks and my guess is that sea salt is probably better for us then plain old table salt. I guess I could just boil all the water out on a stove but that would take alot of energy and not make the effort worth while. What I would do is pour the salt water into a concealed container outdoors that allows the water to evaporate but no bugs or anything to get in. Probably take a while for all the water to evaporate unless its the dead of summer or very very dry air, but its not like it takes any managing from start to finish. Of course the salt would probably end up being a powder instead of crystals so when its ready to use it would just require something a littler different then a normal salt shaker.

From what I read salt water is around 8.5 lbs per gallon and 3.5% salt on average. So looking at about 1/3 lb. in one gallon of salt water. If it turns out to not be that affective then bare minimum it would be an interesting project. Who knows maybe I could end up selling it to people in the area and make a little cash :)

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Evaporation is method used commercially.

Also found this info.

Seawater is a natural and easily accessed source of salt. It has salt at an average of 35 parts per thousand. That means that a gallon of seawater has roughly 4.5 oz. of salt in it.
evaporating 3 or 4 gallons of sea water can yield roughly 1 lb. of salt
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