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I have a great sauna with a 220V; 30 amp cooker.

It has built into the cooker a timer switch & a thermostat switch.

I would prefer to have just an on/off switch wired into the thermost & the thermostat wired into the unit. Would like to mount switch and thermostat on the exterior at chest level.

The sauna people only sell external switch panels to go with specific sauna models &, I believe, the thermocouples are built into the units. These external switch panels are over 250 bucks and won't work with my unit.

I can purchase an on/off switch for under 50. Does anyone have a recommendation for a thermostat? I really want something simple like they had in the clubs of my youth; we used to pour water on the thermocouple to get it hotter.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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