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Exterior Wood Doors

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What kind of latex paint would be best for repainting an exterior wood door? I am trying to find something that will not stick to the weatherstripping like the other latex exterior paints I have tried. The local Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint stores are just telling me to buy their top exterior latex grade. For this job, oil-based paint is not allowed.

Also, should an exterior door be painted in semi-gloss or gloss? Would gloss be more durable and/or look better?
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I would agree that either Aura or Emerald would fit the bill. Both have good blocking resistance (won't stick) when cured.

The paint does need to dry well before the door is closed tightly against the weather stripping. There are a few ways to deal with this. You can remove the weather stripping for a day. That way the door can be closed and allowed to dry without direct contact. If that's not feasible, a small amount of WD 40 or Vaseline can be applied to the weather stripping. If that's done, the door can be closed after a few hours dry time without fear of sticking to the strips.

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