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Exterior wall cladding

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Hi guys,

I am renovating a ten-story office building with a really horrible exterior skin (which has been painted about 20 times). The new owner wants to cover while cladding the wall (there is no question of covering the skin of the building). Does anyone know where I would find the match with this stylish wall panel? The wall was leaking, and we had to tear off part of it and are now looking to match it up to fix it. I checked some stores without success.

I searched the forums and I found nothing. Any help to locate the same type would be great because I don't want to scan the entire basement area.
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Also, Thank you for any suggestions in advance
This reads a bit confusing and with a link, and you don't find stuff at the big box store for this kind of project, so if you are not a spammer I suggest providing some more info. Like pictures, the type of cladding (curtain, bearing), and real details.
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