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An outdoor sump pump pit may very well work out nicely. Some features would be:

1. The water turn on level is more than 3 feet below the surface.
2. You have a cover to which is attached a thick blanket of insulation.
3. The portion of the pit between pump turn on and turn off levels is quite large, say, 25 gallons or more,
4. There is no check valve (the disadvantages are overcome by #3)
5. The outlet hose or pipe rises straight out of the pit, makes a bend, and then is continuously sloping down to the end where the water is released.

If the pit can't be 3 feet deep, add a forced air duct from the house that sacrifices inside air to the pit. Also a not quite airtight cover that is insulated and extends beyond the pit a foot or two on all sides (to insulate the adjacent ground surface). A fan could be thermostatically controlled to turn on when the pit temperature goes below 40 degrees.

Properly installed, an outdoor sump is ideal for an outside perimeter drain system.

Prior to installing the new outdoor pit, your son may sleep better with a speakered radio left on.
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