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Is it safe to apply exterior stucco to new construction before interior drywall (providing that the stucco sits for at least a month)?

I have a large garage extension that is being delayed with some interior issues. The walls were wrapped/lathed a couple of months ago and ready to go. Initially everyone stated that the drywall needed to be applied first because of the hammering on the walls might damage the stucco (shake it loose, crack, etc.). Now my stucco foreman tells me that this would not be an issue if at least a month separates the process, yet I am still getting warnings from non-stucco contractors. It would help allot to get this place sealed up finally!

So, stucco contractors, what is your opinion? This is an 1800 square foot garage with 12 foot high walls, but just a large garage nonetheless.

BTW, the home is in Arizona at 5500 feet. Temperatures now are ranging from 55-95 degrees with low high desert humidity.

Dr. Z.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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