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Exterior steel Door is too narrow

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i am in the process of ordering a new front door, exterior, steel. the exact measurement of the existing door is 33 7/8" wide but the new door comes in 33 6/8" wide. That means the gap will be 1/8" plus whatever was already there.

is this going to be a problem? if so, what are the solutions?

unfortunately the door does not come in size 34" wide because then i could just belt sand the wooden door jamb...

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I would get a new prehung door and replace the whole frame and door as a unit.
If you can not use a pre-hung and need to replace just the door, here is a idea. I have done this using a fiberglass door.

Glue up some composite lumber to get 1.75" thickness, cut a slice about a 1/4 thick. Fill the hinge mortices on the door and glue the strip to the hinge side of the door. Use a power planer to trim the door to the needed width, re-mortice the hinges and hang the door.
You're talking about increasing the reveal 1/16" per side. Unless this door is on a submarine, aircraft or space shuttle, you'll be just fine
The additional reveal would all be on the latch side and an additional 1/8 " is too much.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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