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Exterior steel Door is too narrow

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i am in the process of ordering a new front door, exterior, steel. the exact measurement of the existing door is 33 7/8" wide but the new door comes in 33 6/8" wide. That means the gap will be 1/8" plus whatever was already there.

is this going to be a problem? if so, what are the solutions?

unfortunately the door does not come in size 34" wide because then i could just belt sand the wooden door jamb...

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agreed with the pre-hung, but it is not an option in my house. the old trim is thick and huge with monster nails.. it would be destroyed trying to take it off.

thx wing-nut. i guess i was just worried that the metal door knob tab would not latch properly due to the gap and that the air seal would be poor. but you think it will be fine?
hmm... now i'm cnofused :(

if i put the hinges on the door and then install the hinges to the frame in the exact same spot as original door.. then the other side of the door, where the latching tab is, would have a gap of 1/8" + whatever was originall there (1/16" by the looks of it). the gap exists only on one side of the door when installed in this way. there should be some gap so the door can close, but is 3/16" too much?

sounds like this is NOT ok .. but the solution is to just shim out the hinges a bit? ??

sounds good wingnut, thanks for the advice!
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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