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Exterior stain at freezing temperatures

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The FHA appraiser said that we have bare siding and the stain is peeling off the lower siding along the walkway to our front door.

I am wondering how worthwhile it is to even bothering scraping off the the loose stain (I used Sikkens semi transparent stain) and putting on some more stain before they come back in a few days.

Putting on stain or paint when it is 35* or lower for more than half the day is not conducive to having paint/stain stick to any surface. Oil has a better chance, but, drying at that temp will take a long, LONG time.

So, should I even bother or should I stick with the telling him that once it gets to the correct temp for staining, I will take care of it.

Thanks, Ktownsier
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I'd also want to wait .... and any reasonable person would understand that. Latex and waterborne coatings can freeze when it gets below 32° and oil base will stop drying at those temps [it will dry when it warms up]
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