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Exterior siding issues

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This is a fairly old siding...I've been told masonite but when I google it it looks different. It's a pressboard kind of material ... it's split as this picture shows on almost an entire wall. Cannot afford to reside the whole house. I'm wondering what kind of coating I could put on this, say caulking, etc., sand, and then paint over with a primer then reapply the house color...there is no moisture that has caused this but we tore down a covered porch that was leaking when we bought the place and was built wrong. It had this surface then but as the elements are now exposed, it's worsened. Any ideas on what to do? Attachment is included.


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How about a picture from further back? Likely just needs a good scrape (make sure its not asbestos containing), priming, and painting.
It looks like hardboard siding that got damp, swelled and cracked the paint. You can paint it while you save for new siding.
SW's Rejuvenate restoration paint and primer could do the trick and buy you some time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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