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My wife and I started our exterior painting project today, and after spending literally months selecting colors, it turns out the color we chose for our gutters and facia is very similar to our neighbors house. In our back yard (more shaded than the front) it appeared as expected as a darker brown with gray base. However, in the front of the house it appears more plainly brown, which is the color our neighbors have used for all of their painted surfaces. They're not identical, but pretty darn close. It really hit me when I saw it on the house.

We're both in brick houses (different colors of brick) and my primary color is a lighter tan/gray (they're 100% dark brown). We don't really have an HOA dictating these sorts of things, and the neighbor doesn't seem to mind what we've done thus far, but I'm just curious - is this considered tacky or rude? I know most HOAs would strictly forbid something like this. Our brick is very difficult to match colors to so we thought we hit the jackpot... until this.

Thanks for your input!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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