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Exterior Front Door Paint Help

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I'm having exterior front doors repainted in a higher end apartment complex. The doors get a lot of sun exposure so we want a high end paint so that they hold up as long as possible.

These are the paints that have been proposed:

-Sherwin Williams Emerald Exterior Acrylic Latex (most likely going with this product so would love any feedback on this paint)

-Dunn Edwards Aristoshield Alkyd Water Based Urethane

-Life Paint Aqua-Life Hybrid Alkyd

Anyone with experience/advice?

Also, regarding the SW Emerald paint, for my situation, would you use the Emerald Urethane version or just the regular Emerald exterior paint? Some reviews of the Urethane version say that the paint isn't great for smooth surfaces because the paint doesn't level.

Thank you.
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Thanks for the reply. I believe the face of the doors are metal. We're in coastal Southern California so a Mediterranean climate.

What are the doors constructed of? wood, metal or fiberglass
It would help to know what climate you are in.

That is more of an application issue, either poor painting conditions or lack of application skills.
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