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I have a 100 year old house and on the exterior i have 1/2 Tuff-r Ridgid insulation under the new vinyl siding, on top of the old wood exterior and i just recently gutted the interior expecting to find open stud wall cavitys but instead i have the wood exterior-2x4 wall-and full wood walls covering the 2x4 studded
walls. "does that make sense?" and im wanting to dense pack the 2x4 wall cavity with cellulose. and on the interior walls before the drywall i want to cover the wood walls with Extruded Polystyrene Foam board. Is That a problem having two layers of foam board "1-exterior & 1- Interior" is that two vapor barriors? and will i have moister problems????

Please help me with some advice
Marty Tappe
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