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I'm building an addition, and planning on the following wall setup:
Gypsum board, vapour barrier, 2x6 studs with fiberglass insulation, OSB sheathing, Tyvek, 1.5" rigid board insulation, 1" strapping, wood siding.

I plan on having some exterior electrical boxes (outlets, lights, etc). What type of box should I use and how should it be flashed? I was thinking of screwing a plastic box to the osb, and then use peel and stick window flashing to tie it into the tyvek, as well as some caulk where the wire comes through the wall into the back of the box. Is there a better way?

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Just to comment on the foamboard... If near Bathurst,NB; 1-1/2" XPS (R-7.5) w. R-19 cavity, would give you inside-face sheathing condensation at 24*F and below at 70*F inside room temp. That's 17% RH... Where are you located?

Some AK mobile test results in a nut-shell;

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