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exterior door threshold

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What is wrong with this picture? (Click the thumbnail please). It looks like the threshold was a hack job.

That is the edges of the engineered wood flooring that can be seen between the metal and the painted gray sill. This looks all wrong to me. Isn't the threshold supposed to be flashing-like? I doubt that a little caulking is going to fix this properly. The caulking will trap any water that might get in, right?

I would guess that some kind of weather-resistant wood or wood-like material should have gone on top of the old sill to bring it up to the level of the threshold. It seems like it should be painted before it is installed and then touched up. OTOH, maybe the correct and best way is to install a new, thicker sill.

I am just waving my hands here and I could really use some advice from experienced people.

Thanks for reading.
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It is wrong for the subfloor to peek out below the door. The caulk will eventually fail, and water will wick into the house.
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