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exterior door rough opening

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I guess I screwed the pooch on this one.
I have a rough opening in my garage sidewall for a door. I roughed in the opening. I roughed it in 36" wide by 82.5" tall to accomodate a 34" prehung exterior door. Its a blocked foundation and 16" knee wall all around so the opening for the door is cinderblock with stud walls on top.
I went to the Home Depot and Lowes and they have tons of 30", 32" and 36" prehungs but no 34". They are telling me 34" is a non standard size and needs to be ordered for more money and a long delivery time.
What would you suggest?
I suppose I could sister up another 2 x 4 and make the opening 34.5" to fit a 32" prehung door. Because I already have sheathing on the exterior wall do I need to fill in that 7/16" space that will be left over when I sister up another stud? I was thinking it will be covered by the trim that goes around the perimeter of the door. Also, when I sister up the stud to make the rough opening smaller should I put it on the hinge side of the prehung door frame or the lock side?
Pretty basic question I guess. Its just frustrating because I could have framed out the door anysize I wanted just by adjusting the cinder blocks before I rebar'd and cemented them in. Thanks..
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It really helps to do the research before the tools are picked up, but this is a pretty easy fix.
Put the stud where ever you want. Placement is irrelevant if the door trim is wider then brick molding. . The gap on the exterior can be taken up with trim. If you're using brick molding, put a 3/4" 1x4 on each side and the trim will cover the gap.

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One fix might be to jump down to the local door salvage yard (most areas have one or two) and pick up a 34" door. If it is not good enough, at least it will work till a special ordered one arrives. Changing out that door later will take about a half hour at most.
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