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Exterior 240v line with GFCI

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I have a 240v line that I no longer need and which I intend to split into two 120v outlets. This line is outside and is equipped with a 60 Amp GFCI. The two 120v circuits will have 12 AWG Copper wiring and the 240v line will have a 20 Amp circuit breaker at the main panel. My question is, do I also need to replace the GFCI breaker to match the 20 Amp breaker at the main panel or is it alright to leave it at 60 Amp?
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OK, so right now, you have a 60A/240V plain breaker in your service panel.
It feeds a "hot tub subpanel" with a 60A/240V GFCI breaker in the sub.
This hot tub subpanel does not have any room for 20A breakers.

You want to install a 20A multi-wire branch circuit (MWBC) to power two 120V subcircuits.
You know that requires 20A overcurrent protection (breaker).

You want to accomplish that by changing the main-panel breaker ($10) instead of the GFCI breaker ($80).

Yes, this is absolutely fine. The 20A supply breaker will provide the overcurrent protection and the 60A GFCI will provide the GFCI protection.

This is similar to having a 50A feed to a 200A-breakered subpanel, when Code requires a disconnect switch. The main breaker is a) a disconnect switch and b) a 200A overcurrent device. We only care about a).
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