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Good morning!

Thank you for taking a few moments to look at my post and thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

I bought a 1927 home in Sep. 2008 and have been remodeling it ever since. I spent just over a year and some months refinishing pieces of the inside, and now need to pay attention to the outside. I am going to have a new roof installed due to a timely storm that rolled through so I am pushing up the potential remodel before having the re-roofing done.

I am attaching some pictures with to illustrate the general idea of what I am doing. My questions about this project are the following:

1. Is this a project that someone who has never done something like this before feasible?
2. Will I need to get a full scope drawn up by a structural engineer?
3. Any general suggestions whether it will work?

The photos linked show what I am proposing and illustrations for each photo are below:


This photo shows the existing small awning that is sagging. I am going to remove it and the yellow line shows the exisiting roof line that I would like to extend out. Proposed extension would be about 5'.

The stucco on the left side would need to be removed so that I could tie into the home (from my estimation) to support the weight of the extension and snow (I live in Minnesota).

Finally, my home was built with Balloon Construction.....are there any implications to tying into the home with this type? And, will a header be needed at the end or simly something supported by studs in the home?


This photo shows the right side of the area to be remodeled. This is probably the more difficult side as I am going to have to remove a portion of the garage roof and tie in with the current valley that is there or restructure it so that the valley ends at the edge of the new proposed corner of the garage.

The yellow in the picture shows where the new front of the roof would be and where the corner would vertically extend to. As you can see I would need to remove a portion of the roof and tie the new roof with it.
Any help here would be appreciated.


This photo shows all the areas in red that will need to be demo'd. The only area that is not shown is the area below the windows. I am considering to redo it all in stucco to match the home. There is the potential that I may remove the existing windows and reconfigure.

So my questions revolve around how extend the roof and what it entails. If I will need to have a structural engineer draw up a scope and any help or suggestions whether a person with no formal construction skills could execute it. I am a quick learn and have done extensive work inside.....just nothing exterior.

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