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Extending Concrete Patio Slab

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ok, first of all, im not a mason, by anymeans, but i think i have an idea of what im doing. i want to extend the patio concrete slab that is currently there. i didnt dig yet, but it looks to be about a 3" slab of concrete, judging by how deep the water drain in the slab is set in. the exiting slab is 10'x10'. i want to extend it another 10'x10'. now the questions!
1) do i use item #4 for a base before pouring the concrete? or just #2 stone?
2) should the dirt/sand be tamped berfore putting in the item#4 or stone?
3) when i build the forms, i should make sure they are flush with the existing slab, and tapered away from the house, correct? and what should the pitch be?
4) should i put a piece of that felt like board between the existing slab, and the new slab for exspantion?
5) would it be fesible to use the ready mixed concrete in a bag for this job? or buy the morter and the sand in bags, and have stone/item#4 deleivered?
and how many bags of premixed, or how many bags of sand, morter, and how much stone/item#4 for will i need? if "I" mix the concrete, what is the formula for the mix?
how much water should i use?
should i layer wire mesh over the stone/item#4, or under? should i use the wire mess that looks like fencing?
6)after i pour the concrete, i pull the wire mesh up into the concrete so it is somewhat intwrined in the mix, and not lying on the bottom, correct?
7)before i rake the concrete, should i tap on the sides of the form, all the way around to release as much trapped air as possible?

well, please let me know what u all think! thank u, any help will be greatly appriciated!

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