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Extending Concrete Patio Slab

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ok, first of all, im not a mason, by anymeans, but i think i have an idea of what im doing. i want to extend the patio concrete slab that is currently there. i didnt dig yet, but it looks to be about a 3" slab of concrete, judging by how deep the water drain in the slab is set in. the exiting slab is 10'x10'. i want to extend it another 10'x10'. now the questions!
1) do i use item #4 for a base before pouring the concrete? or just #2 stone?
2) should the dirt/sand be tamped berfore putting in the item#4 or stone?
3) when i build the forms, i should make sure they are flush with the existing slab, and tapered away from the house, correct? and what should the pitch be?
4) should i put a piece of that felt like board between the existing slab, and the new slab for exspantion?
5) would it be fesible to use the ready mixed concrete in a bag for this job? or buy the morter and the sand in bags, and have stone/item#4 deleivered?
and how many bags of premixed, or how many bags of sand, morter, and how much stone/item#4 for will i need? if "I" mix the concrete, what is the formula for the mix?
how much water should i use?
should i layer wire mesh over the stone/item#4, or under? should i use the wire mess that looks like fencing?
6)after i pour the concrete, i pull the wire mesh up into the concrete so it is somewhat intwrined in the mix, and not lying on the bottom, correct?
7)before i rake the concrete, should i tap on the sides of the form, all the way around to release as much trapped air as possible?

well, please let me know what u all think! thank u, any help will be greatly appriciated!

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What is item #4?

Assuming that you will have to dig, not raise the area of your new patio, here is what I would do:

Remove the sod and dirt to a level of 8" below finished grade, and about 3" past your 10x10 area.

Place and compact 4" of road base.

Form your perimeter with 2x6, staked 24" O.C. and backfilled against the forms.

Cut 10x10 10/10 wire to fit the area within 1" of the edges. Buy enough concrete brick to support the mesh off the base.

Against the old slab, drill 1/2"diameter holes , 6" deep every 12" (nine holes). Grease a 3/8"x12" rebar and stick it in the hole so that it has a small amount of space at the end in the slab.

To pour it, you are looking at 42 80# bags of concrete mix at least, so it is doable, provided you have a 2 bag mixer and can set it right next to the slab. Expect to work your ass off for about an hour and a half, along with at least 2 of your friends. That is what I would do.

To finish it, be sure and edge it, and cure it with either plastic or a sprinkler for a couple of days.

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Item4 is roadbase.
Wire mesh, roll or flat. 10/10 is the guage of the wires, 10x10 is the wire spacing.

Yes actually grease the rebar, but only on one end, and make sure the dowels are horizonal and perpendedular to the joint.

Rebar stakes are fine as long as you backfill against the forms.

The red brick is fine.
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