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Nicely done! It is all the rage these days. I've done two of them in the last couple months. One, black, one gray. I think the trend is here to stay.

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Looks good. This is what I'm planning for my basement ceiling as well.

For the can lights, you just sprayed the cans & frames? Are they IC rated? I'd be a bit worried about burning off the paint...
They are IC rated, haven't had any issues with the paint burning at all... just make sure u mask the outlet. Good luck, looks even better in person...

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Looks good... don't see it too often as many older houses have less than 2x10 joists so they have to cover it with 1/2" drywall against fire, per Code:

That, and one should always check with their HO Insurance carrier as they may require it per local amendments to the code, and not cover it if ever a claim.... Wood 2x joists have a 8-12 minute burn time--- double that with 1/2" drywall.

Note, the joists above the stairs have a pipe running perpendicular to them, drilled very low to the bottom of joists-check for 2" of meat left, per code- otherwise the joist rating drops one size...; Maybe just my eyes- because it all painted black, lol. Welcome to the forums!

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