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Pouring an 18x56’ patio soon. I want to use some expansion joint material up against the house and retaining wall. I was told to use it when concrete butts up against concrete. So, I found 5’ sections of exp. joint material for $3.55 and one place and then I found 50’ for $16 somewhere else. Both types are 4” tall. The gap under the siding to the footer is only 3 1/2”.
So, do I sandwich it in there and make the little “L” shape where it kicks out on the bottom or do I need to trim 1/2” off the whole thing? I have about 80’ to install. I plan on using liquid nails to hold it in place. The foam is like the same stuff a swimming pool noodle is made out of.


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I have never seen or used the foam roll that you have.

In my experience that kind of foam will degrade in the sun, soon.

There is a reason that it is so cheap.

As for the trimming, not necessary, but do knock off any large or sharp clumps of concrete intruding into the next pour with your hammer.

The intrusions might cause interference in the expansion and contraction that you are trying to build into the system.

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