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Excited about learning

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My son purchased an older home less than a year ago and I have been helping him fix it up. Mom and son have become weekend house warriors and using all our vacation time working on his house. We have painted the entire inside of the house (trim, walls, cabinets, doors, windows, garage). I bought a wet saw and we tiled the kitchen splashback and the bathroom floor. And it looks wonderful!!!! I took a class, designed for woman, on how to install a new toilet. I installed the toilet with no problems. My son had his doubts but after flushing 12 times with no leaks he knew I did everything right. We re-glazed the windows, pulled up the carpeting and had a professional restore the hardwood floors, and we landscaped the front yard. My son has been busy changing out the light switches, plugs. and light fixtures. I won't touch the electrical stuff!! I have truly enjoyed working on his house and can't wait to do more. We have learn so much from the internet and the good people at Lowe's.
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Welcome to the forum!

I'm also a woman learning new stuff here.

I don't mean to bash the people at Lowe's (or any of the big box stores), but be careful with the advice they give you. There are a lot of knowledgeable people there, but are also a lot who don't know what they're talking about giving bad advice. And you can't tell them apart by looking at them.
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