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Excavating and settling the ground

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Hello all,
I will be excavating about 4 feet deep (where my foundation is) to do waterproofing of the walls and reinstalling the weeping tile. While I am doing this, I want to redo the driveway landscaping stones, I know that the soil that I have excavated will settle over time but is there a way I can settle all that soil using a compactor so that I can do the landscaping at the same time. I will follow the 12" rule for the patio stone, I am concerned about everything underneath it, if I just compact all that, should I be okay?

Thanks for the help!!
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Ayuh,.... If you fill the hole with 4" lifts, 'n mechanically compact each lift, you should see very little settlement...
where is the discharge now ( you call it ' weeping tile ' - the old orangeburg clay pipe - we use hdpe pipe - less $ & faster ),,, IF nodischarge ( gravity/mechanical ), you're building an underground dry well / retention pond

conc bsmt walls resist lateral mechanical compaction force waves,,, IF its block, foot compaction in 2" lifts works much better :yes:
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