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I was at my sister's Ex's house. He wanted to put up a new living room light fixture and disconnected some of the wires and not sure which ones he had removed when he took the light down, he's mentally losing it, we think early Alzheimer. When I arrived, 3 sets of 2 wires were twisted together, a total of 6 wires were twisted together in sets of 2 so there are 3 groups.

The house was built in the 1920s, the wiring is very old and cloth covered, all the wires are of the same color cloth covering, and there is no ground, though the panel has been graded to breakers.

Using a voltage detector, the power is first going to the light fixture, not the switch which there is only one switch with 2 screws.

There are 2 wires at the switch, and six wires at the light fixture, 3 groups of 2, only one has power. I saw these wires twisted together and no light installed, he had twisted some of these together without installing the light. ???? I used my voltage detector and determined one set of 2 has power, separating the two, one wire had power. With the 2 wires disconnected, flipping the switch did not do anything re: the power so I assume the other non power wire is going to the switch? How should I wire the light? Try the power wire to one and the other wire to the other light wire?

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You have an extra pair of wires going some where else, you might find what else is not working.

Remove one wire from the switch and at the light join the power to one wire and it's mate to the powers mate and see if you have power at the switch.

If you do not have power at the switch, good that sends power to where ever it was missing.

If you do have have power, disconnect the neutral at the light and hook that switch wire to the black of the light. Then the power neutral goes to the white of the light.


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