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Hi. This is my first post. I am planning to tackle finishing the basement in our house; in the middle of clean-up, and noticed this. The house was built in the 60s, and I suspected that this is a result of water pressing up against the wall from roof water run-off. The eavestrough on the front of the house is pulling away and lets water dump near the foundation (roofer is already signed-up, but we need to wait for warmer weather). There is a sump pump near this area that does work, but never runs (ie not enough water to activate float switch). There is no water ever present on the basement floor.

I have had a wet-basement guy in who has suggested installing a product where they remove 10" or so from the concrete floor, install "foundation guard" which channels water to a sump pump, and then repour the floor over top. This is quoted at $4300, and is to solve for water pressing up from beneath that is believed to be wicking up the wall. I cannot tell if this is a continuing process, or if it will be cured by the new eavestrough and making sure the water is dumping the well away from the foundation. Also I am considering either 1" closed cell foam adhered to the basement walls, or spray foam, and wondering whether either of those will form a sufficient moisture barrier that I do not need to pay the $4300 for the foundation guard. Sorry for the long post, but I have no experience/knowledge on this kind of topic, and looking for opinions.



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I have had a wet-basement guy in who has suggested...
This is quoted at $4300...
Er... no.
Long story short... postpone the basement remodel until the fall.

Meanwhile do all the plain vanilla "how do I direct rainfall water away from the foundation" work*. Also... scrub brush that efflorescence off of the block walls then repaint.

Do the work. Watch what happens when it rains this spring.

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can't tell if that's paint, blockfiller, or drylock-style products,,, the sub-floor perimeter drain not only catches wtr coming UP under the footer & up thru the base fill but drains the cells/webs of the blocks,,, you'd probably need a sump & pump to discharge the collected leaking wtr.

there isn't any coating that will resolve your problem,,, IF there were, your bsmt wall would eventually implode & collapse from the damage that's occuring but you just can't see it

' foundation guard ' = ' french drain ' - we charge $ 50 / $ 75 per lf + $ 1,300 for sump, ck valve, & Zoeller 1/3hp pump - min job's $ 2,250,,, this is not only my personal opinion but my professional evaluation as well :thumbsup:

ps - IF drylock products really worked, we wouldn't have ANY business at all
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