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In case someone hasn't heard of this and has the need... it's called "Everything" and it lists all files on all drives by name and then allows for instant search results to appear on the fly as you type in the search field. It's remarkably fast and handy as a pocket on a shirt. Free and malware free. No constant resource burden, only run it when needed.

I put it on all computers that I service and set up for my gang. It's a big help when someone drops a file while dragging it and they have no idea where it landed.

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Giving it a try, if it sucks, I will hunt you down and tear up your speech.
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Bring it on!! I'll be waiting. :vs_mad:

I rarely recommend things unless they're outstanding. This one is. I have another that is equally handy.

It's called Spartan Clipboard. It works so well you'll almost faint when you see how good it is. I've had it for over ten years and started out with the free version which is all anyone would ever need. It worked so well I sent the man the money for the full version out of gratitude. Usually I'm as big of a cheapskate as the next guy but I make exceptions when my conscience tell me to.
There was an editor I used a lot called UltraEdit. Not sure if it is around anymore but I loved it. You could column edit, find, search and replace using special characters.

It was great for PERL and for doing a bunch of other things.

I will take a look at Spartan and tell you what I think.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

Us geeks need to stick together.
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There is a video on this link that may help describe how handy Spartan Clipboard is.

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