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Hey everyone ! Here are the facts:

York H1DH Condenser (see attachments for info)
Bristol H25B203 Compressor
Had a GE 30/4 Dual Run capacitor (good), replaced with a 35/5 Dual Run capacitor (as stated in York H4DH parts manual)
Phillips Start capacitor (too old to read label)
only 17 years old (ok, that just put things into perspective)

Everything runs, the compressor is making a slight rattling noise, but the high and low sides are still equalized (around 110 psi). The 'system' stop working two years ago, and I'm sure it make a loud screech at some point, and sometimes it came on with a 'pop'. The actually sequence of sounds is a little fuzzy now.

Power source voltage good (244v)
No line voltage across C and R
All the continuity checks across the relay, contactor, and compressor terminals pass.
Amp draws during operation:
R - 5.6A
S - 5.8A
C - 1.7A
Fan - 0.5A
Fan motor thermostat - 0.8A
L1 - 2.4A
L2 - 2.4A


Is the compressor supposed to be drawing amps from both R and S? Their total, 11.4A equals the RLA.

Thanks everyone!!!


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it obviously is not pumping enough of anything to pressurize the system so that means either the comp is not running nearly fast enough to pressurize or the comp is just plain busted and not pumping anything

with the running current so low, I would suggest the pump portion of the comp has broken something and the motor is simply free running.

time for a new comp, or at that age, a new unit altogether.

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Yes, it should draw amperage on the start wining wile running.

Sounds like it lost a vlalve.

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Bristols, Ptui, I despise them. The internal relief valve may have popped open and is stuck open. Give the can a good whack upside the head with a rubber mallet and it may reset. Probably need a new compressor/unit anyway.

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Try it B4 starting it and then later. Less than 5% chance it will work. Would have to be caused by a restriction in the system causing it to pop. Then you have another problem to fix.
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