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estimate of cost on rerunning wiring in home.

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Basically I have a friend who just bought an upper/ lower duplex. The wiring in the lower. unit is good but the wiring in the upper unit is bad. Right now there is only a total of 5breakers.

The main, one receptacle in kitchen, stove, furnace, every rooms lights and outlets. which for the every rooms breaker there Is only one 14-2 wire ran up and its is ran up to the attic from basement. It controls all the lights and outlets in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen (except one outlet)/ pantry in kitchen, and bathroom.

what I'm looking to have done is run 6 14-2 wires up to the attic from breaker box and put 6 junction boxes up there to separate each room to it's own breaker and that's also adding another bedroom that doesn't have outlets. then replace all the wires to each room to the junction boxes in attic. to make an already long story short how much would an electrician charge just in labor cost because the parts will be supplied. either how much an hour or a total cost. Thanx
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Most EC's will not give a discount for material supplied. The HO either supplies the wrong stuff, not enough, or something that is 10X harder to work with (recessed cans are a prime example).

You will not get a quote for this job on this site, but you can expect about $80-$120/hour plus material.
Well, the most important factor is left out: your location.

That said, NO ONE can even remotely give you any kind of an estimate on this work. For one thing you are describing it like we've all been there and know the layout. You can say "I need four wires run and two outlets out in" but that is completely meaningless unless someone can see the situation and job conditions.

The only thing you can do to help yourself is to have a couple/few electricians in to give you an estimate. Don't be surprised though if they tell you they want to supply the material. Real electrician stock all sorts of boxes and wire and know what they like to use. You WILL NOT know this and will NOT get everything you need. Decorative fixtures are a different story.
If someone says to me "How much to do this job? I'll supply all the materials. That's the only way I'll do it." (and they have), my response would be "Thanks anyway. I think you should find someone else."

Don't worry. Not every contractor is a crook and is looking to take a Caribbean holiday on the material mark-up for your job.
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