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Escutcheon/Grommet for Security Gate Holes?

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We recently installed a couple security gates in our store and we're looking for a way to cover and protect the flooring around the holes that the gates' pins fall into. We're worried that after years of locking and unlocking these gates that the holes are going to continue to become more and more unsightly, so we'd like to hide that, and protect the laminate.

We've asked several hardware stores around the city and no-one seems to know what these are actually called or where to find them... One Home Depot even had a few installed in their concrete flooring, but couldn't provide any help when we pointed it out to them.

The pins on our gates are slightly bigger than 5/8", the holes themselves were drilled using a 3/4" bit.

If anyone can help identify the hardware that would help, we'd really appreciate it, we've been looking for weeks and it's become incredibly frustrating.
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Nothing you can really do with that setup, but put it in your monthly maintenance to keep it in working order.

That flooring is going to get scratched up, before that hole fails.
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