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EPDM flashing/tie-in questions

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In a month or so, I'll be helping a friend with a roof replacement project. We'll be using EPDM, and I had some questions about how to properly address the areas where the roof meets a vertical wall (asbestos shingles), where it meets a shingled roof, and also the outside corner between that vertical wall and shingled roof. Pictures should hopefully help clarify. Thanks.


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Last pic is rotated 90 degrees. Not sure why.
Need to pull the bottom two course (at least) of shingles and possibly a piece of siding or two. Be mindful, that is transite (i.e. asbestos) siding.
I would go 3 courses of shingles.
a course or two of Siding has to come off on both faces and the corner board. The proper technique for an outside corner I do not pretend to know for EPDM. I do know an outside corner is one of the more problematic details in all of roofing regardless of product.
Thanks. About the vertical wall portion, is it acceptable to NOT use termination bar to finish where the membrane ends (underneath the siding)? Perhaps adhesive and seam tape? I'm imagining that using term bar underneath the siding will cause it to bulge out.
I may get some heat for this but I am one of those guys who thinks some flashing details you can fudge a little when your using a product designed to be installed commercially on a very small residential roof.
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Anyone have any tips for how they would address that outside corner?
Needs to be cut back at least 4" from the bottom at a minimum if you ask me and I would re-do that corner in PVC board.

As far as the membrane, they make pre-molded corners.
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